Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where have I been? And better yet- will anyone find me?

I am laughing at my first post because I could completely make the almost same list now, unfortunately minus the Vegas trip.

I was just perusing Babble's new list of the top 50 bloggers. I found it very interesting. So many of us have so much to say, so many interesting things to say. Stories about life, love, and loss. Happy, sad, and in between.

Why do we tune in and immerse ourselves? Is it connectivity? A feeling of not being alone? The desire to know that you are indeed, not the only weirdo out there?

I have been everything from obsessed, disgusted, intrigued and then disinterested with blogs since I found dooce in 2002. At the time it seemed like the cyberworld was better. How could it be that there were so many people on the internet- JUST like me? People who I wished and I could be friends with, but felt friendship anyway.

All of these thoughts started bouncing around in my head today and I wondered what other interspace/web/net people thought? Why does anyone read blogs?

As I randomly checked out one of the top 50, the girl who. I thought, she is cooler than me? definitely! She is bolder than me? for sure! Her writing is definitely better than what I could do. umm, that's pretty much anyone. Then I thought, It doesn't matter. Hmmm...just like that, I stopped comparing and started appreciating. Because, honestly, were it not for the computer- I never would have 'met' her. And sometimes isn't meeting new and different people what makes life richer?

What are your reasons?


Flavia Whitefort said...

I've got to change this green on green. ugh.

Flavia Whitefort said...

and another better difference than the list post is no more stinky poos!