Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some trips or moments, if they are good, can give you that feeling freeness, lightness, and being unburdened. Moments like that I live for.

So here is my trip for today. I think this is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. This song is better than a photograph for me.

this the song. see below. they are awesome

Avett Brothers Head Full of Doubt Road Full of Promise 1st time ever

Where have I been? And better yet- will anyone find me?

I am laughing at my first post because I could completely make the almost same list now, unfortunately minus the Vegas trip.

I was just perusing Babble's new list of the top 50 bloggers. I found it very interesting. So many of us have so much to say, so many interesting things to say. Stories about life, love, and loss. Happy, sad, and in between.

Why do we tune in and immerse ourselves? Is it connectivity? A feeling of not being alone? The desire to know that you are indeed, not the only weirdo out there?

I have been everything from obsessed, disgusted, intrigued and then disinterested with blogs since I found dooce in 2002. At the time it seemed like the cyberworld was better. How could it be that there were so many people on the internet- JUST like me? People who I wished and I could be friends with, but felt friendship anyway.

All of these thoughts started bouncing around in my head today and I wondered what other interspace/web/net people thought? Why does anyone read blogs?

As I randomly checked out one of the top 50, the girl who. I thought, she is cooler than me? definitely! She is bolder than me? for sure! Her writing is definitely better than what I could do. umm, that's pretty much anyone. Then I thought, It doesn't matter. Hmmm...just like that, I stopped comparing and started appreciating. Because, honestly, were it not for the computer- I never would have 'met' her. And sometimes isn't meeting new and different people what makes life richer?

What are your reasons?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

getting there

i have several drafts going! I KNOW I NEED A NEW POST!

who is going to come and:

bathe the kids
cook the spaghetti
drive to dance
help with the stinking homework
fold the laundry
do the dishes
scratch my uber-mosquito bites
watch Bionic woman, heroes, journeyman, the bachelor, chuck, and that's just Monday and tuesday...
pop my new pimple
clean marker off the table
stuff child advocate folders
pack for vegas
pay dance tuition
watch oh geez, all my tv shows
check e-mail
go to the store
make halloween costumes
shop for vegas outfits
return crap to crap stores after said shopping goes wrong
waste time at the computer ignoring children
collect stupid money for stupid soccer
and homework, homework, homework
and change will's stinky poo

i'll get it done soon!

xoxo, flavia princess of time management.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

sing a song

When things are not going well in life, sometimesI have a few security devices I employ. My little bits have lovies, soft bunnies, blankets, and bears. Mine are grown-up ones. They are intangible and live mostly in my head.

(NO, not the little voices, please people, I haven't reached that point quite yet!)

I'll call them snippets. Snippets of good things.

Included are memories, songs, movies, trips, children moments, and whatever else takes you to that lighter place. To make you realize there would be no good days without the bad.

In particular, I am feeling very blue right now. There is no pinpoint for this feeling, just a looming, can't shake it feeling. Like an uneven cricket song in your otherwise silent night (totally annoying). I am lucky, I know that in a couple of days this will pass and I will move forward, mostly funk free. But, until then I pick at and pull out my security devices to bring me back to solid ground.

Just yesterday, it was a song on the radio. I turned it up all the way and let it fill my brain. It was a Paul Simon song. The song Gone at Last. It's a gospel-like song about long streak of bad luck and he prays its gone at last. Just fun.

It's just little things. Snippets.

What do you do? How do you keep the blues at bay?

Monday, October 8, 2007